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Planning Tips |Bridal Show Season

A couple of weeks ago, we attended The Wedding Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The fair is put on three times throughout the year, January, March and October. There are dresses on display, menu sampling, tablescapes and fashion shows periodically through out the day. Some of the wedding professionals in attendance were Linen Effects, Lucas Botz Photography, Saavi Formal Wear, and Minnesota Bride. Since we are in the midst of bridal show season, here are a few tips to help the day go smoothly:

Create a wedding e-mail account.  An overflow of planning details and information may be a lot to overcome following the show in your personal (or work) inbox. Use this centralized account to stay organized with potential wedding professionals you meet as well as manage wedding R.S.V.P.s.              
Print mailing labels.  Many booths will ask for your contact information. Making labels instead of writing it out saves time and keeps your hand from cramping. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, wedding date, and wedding location. 
Don’t get overwhelmed!  Yes, there are tons of brides, hundreds of wedding professionals, but enjoy it. The fair is an excellent way to get inspiration for your big day.
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Bring color samples and swatches.  It’s much easier to talk color, coordinate linens or accessories for the wedding party with swatches present. Many professionals will offer assistance and insightful suggestions when you come prepared. 
Talk to everyone.  A pro not your style?  Not in your price range?  Talk to them anyway!  They may have a friend or colleague that would better fit the tone, theme or price range of your wedding day. 
Use promotions.  Some vendors will offer a discount if you book an appointment at the fair. If you were planning on making an appointment at that bridal salon anyway, what a great way to cross something off your list and get a discount!

Head over to Minnesota Bride, MSP Weddings, the Independent Wedding Association, and The Wedding Guys for information on upcoming bridal shows in the Twin Cities.

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  1. These are indeed helpful tips in having a stress-free wedding preparation. These ideas are truly effective in making the task of wedding planning easier. Thanks for sharing.


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