Tuesday, February 7

2012 Wedding Photography Giveaway |Rivets and Roses

Rivets and Roses is giving away complimentary wedding photography to FIVE amazing 2012 couples! Rivets and Roses is a photography studio of five artists-Desiree, Leslie, Louisa, Marc, Natalie who are passionate about love, photography and offering you the best experience from start to finish.        
Nominations must be submitted to the photographer of your choice by Friday, February 17th. The team will narrow down the nominations to the Top 3 couples per photographer. From there, the candidate's stories will be posted on the Rivets and Roses blog for the public to vote and choose the winning couple!

To Nominate e-mail the following information, along with a photo, to one of the five photographers that you would love to shoot your wedding:

Couple's Names
Contact Info (Phone and E-mail)
How They Met + Their Love Story
Location of Wedding
Inspiration / Theme of Wedding
Fun Fact About the Couple
Why You Think They Deserve this Giveaway! 

Rivets and Roses is based out of Minneapolis and travel worldwide, travel fees may apply.

                                           Natalie's Portfolio //

                                        While there be sure to check out their post on the FOUND Event!

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