Monday, June 13

Inspiration Board |Rainbow of Love

Rainbow Inspiration Board

Palette: Red |Orange |Yellow |Green |Blue |Indigo |Violet

Can't decide on the perfect color palette? Consider incorporating each color of the rainbow to make your day bright and fresh.

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Monday, June 6

Wedding Stationery |How Suite It Is Part II

I have discussed the components that make up the traditional wedding invitation, but today I wanted to go into detail of the additional wedding suite items. The additional pieces should match the design style as used for the invitations.

Programs are guides disturbed to guests at the ceremony. It includes the names of the bridal party, order of ceremony, along with day of details such as the ceremony location, date and time. It may also include hymn numbers, words of prayers, tributes to special people in your lives or cues for guests' actions during the ceremony. Programs usually take the form if a folded card, sheet or fan.

Pew Cards
(Also known as Within the Ribbon Card) The front pews in a church or rows of seats on either side of the aisle are reserved for immediate family and close friends. Those who seat there receive a Pew card. Pew cards can be sent with the invitation or separately after the response card has been received. The guest brings it to the ceremony and present it to an usher, who will then seat the guests accordingly. Pew cards are useful for large weddings.

Escort Cards
Escort cards direct guests to their assigned tables during the reception. Escort cards are normally displayed on a decorative table at the entrance of the room. They can come in various forms, such as folded tents, tags or small envelopes. Guests names are written on the small envelope and the table number is written on the enclosed card.

Photog: Kurstin Roe Photography Stationery: The Dandelion Patch 
Table Cards
(Also known as Table Numbers) Table cards are used to number tables at the reception. Tables cards are to coordinate with the escort and place cards.

Place Cards
Place cards are addressed with the guests' names and are placed in front of a designated table setting, identifying the guest's specific seating arrangement. Place cards are also helpful in notifying the servers of the meal choices your guests have made. Place cards should match your menu cards.

Menu Cards
Menu cards informs guests of the meal choices to be served during the reception. The Menu card is placed on each table. One Menu card is suggested per table, however one for each person seated at the table is recommended.

Laura Ivanova Photography 

Thank You Notes
Traditional Thank You cards have the words "Thank You" on the front flap and are blank inside. Couples now personalize the card with their married names, a monogram, or a motif. Thank You cards can match your wedding invitations or your personality. You will want to write a Thank You note for each gift given at each event: engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and of course the wedding.

Wedding Announcements
Wedding Announcements merely announces the wedding. Wedding Announcements are sent after the wedding to friends, acquaintances, and business colleagues who weren't invited to the wedding due to budget or distance limitations. The recipient of the announcement is not required to send a gift. The Wedding Announcement tends to duplicate the wedding invitation in almost every aspect except wording.

At Home Cards
At Home cards informs guests of the couple's new address. At Home cards includes the couple's name, new address, and the date they will begin residing there. At Home Cards can be sent with the invitations, announcements or on their own.

Name Cards
Name cards notifies guests of the bride's new name. It tells family and friends whether the bride will keep her maiden name, take on her husband's name or have a hyphenated surname. 

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