Thursday, July 19

What Will You Sacrifice on Your Wedding Day?

Your engagement is the time to strengthen your relationship, realize the changes marriage imparts and work through any challenges that may cause a problem during your marriage. Not only do we want your day to run smoothly but we also want to make sure it’s one of many memories of a lifetime! Meet our guest, Marie of the Marriage Studio. She’s a relationship coach, who clearly knows her stuff! And we’re excited to share our little blog space with her:

Many of you will be saying your vows soon. You will be looking at the person you want to spend forever with and making many promises. Most of you will be doing so at an altar, either in a house of worship or a place that you consider beautiful and sacred. 

                        Since an altar is often considered a place of sacrifice it makes me wonder: 
What will you sacrifice on your wedding day? 

That sounds harsh, doesn't it? For the most part, we hate sacrifice and giving up things that make us feel comfortable. A marriage that will grow and flourish requires that we make sacrifices, though.

What kind of sacrifices am I talking about? I'm talking about sacrificing a desire to be right. Sacrificing the pride that comes with never asking for help. Sacrificing the easy route of focusing on unmet expectations and instead choosing to be grateful and see the good every single day of your marriage.

While you're standing at the altar and making promises to one another, what do you plan on sacrificing? 

Bio| Marie McKinney Oates, M.M.F.T. is the founder of the Marriage Studio and a relationship coach in Nashville, TN. She created the DIY Marriage Plan as a way to provide couples with in-depth marriage prep without having to talk to a stranger or even leave the couch! 

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