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Planning Tips| The Budget-Conscience Wedding

Today’s post features cost effective wedding advice from Melissa H., who recently partnered with her colleague to put together a wedding guide for Saving money while getting married in style is becoming more and more important to couples, so we thought to share her advice with our readers! Be sure to comment with your tips or questions below!
Everyone wants their big day to be the best it can be. In the modern world, the ‘traditional wedding’ talked about in movies is going out the window and a new tradition – the budget conscience wedding – has taken its place.

If you are working with a limited budget, it's possible to make some cuts to the normal list of wedding necessities. For example, if you can choose a venue where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception, you can also cut down on transport costs. You can always give people the chance to celebrate with you at a distance with a live online

Weddings held out of peak season or on any day other than a Saturday will usually be much more affordable because there's lower demand so this is worth investigating. To give yourself a little leeway make sure you set aside an amount to cover unexpected costs, ideally about 10% of your total budget.

Here are some aspects of your wedding that don’t need to be included, that will not only save you money but will allow you to put portions of the budget towards more important areas, such as the wedding venue, reception and bridal attire.

Asking your closest girlfriends to walk with you down the aisle on the happiest day of your life can be a beautiful moment. However, it can also be a stressful one. In modern days, girls don’t just have one or two close friends. As Cosmopolitan Magazine points out, the bridesmaids’ dresses are often the most expensive part of the wedding. Choose one maid of honor to be there for you on your big day; someone you trust and cherish. This will save you from any hard feelings from those who feel left out and also cuts major costs.

Joleen Willis via Ruffled Blog

Flowers are one of those wedding expenses that are often underestimated. Some bouquets can cost up to $350. Real Simple, gives some fabulous examples of how you can make your own personalized bouquet out of brooches, colorful paper or newspaper. Additionally, making your own centerpieces and decorations will free up a huge section of your budget for others areas.

Cocktail hour
Cocktail hour is largely an American tradition and, although it gives the guests time to mingle and the bride and groom a chance to compose themselves after the wedding ceremony, it can cost huge amounts of money. Across the pond, our British cousins go straight to the reception, cutting the costs and niceties of a cocktail hour and jumping straight into to celebration. When working with a smaller budget, suggests that you put the money you do have into the aspects that you really want i.e. a fantastic party to celebrate your marriage. With the average wedding cost in the US increasing and the UK costs increasing around the same, it’s easy to understand why people worldwide are finding ways to personalize their wedding in a much affordable way.

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